They get resources , You do war !

Massive Multiplayer Player Online Role Playing Games or MMPORG like travian usually contain a set of tasks that need to be done to increase skill level on the game. This high skill level is required to intimidate opponents and be successful on the game. These tasks are usually monotonous and tedious. It is very easy to get irritated beyond measures while leveling up or collecting resources. Different bots automate different activities based on the inputs you provide. Such programs are mostly paid. But as a good will gesture we offer various functional bots for travian totally free.

Travian bot for download

travian botsA bot can also be used to assist in the game play. For example, a custom travian script can enable you to schedule various activities and tasks. They can also be configured to take various actions based on a set of inputs received during the game play.

Most these tools and scripts are made in Java or Greasemonkey.  They usually contain a script file which is then loaded upon an emulation engine to execute the commands programmed. Most of these bots have a user interface which allows you to change various settings to have the bot functioning how you would like it to.

Travian recently announced that using various scripts and bots was against their policy and players indulging in such activities could lose their accounts. But most of the programs available on this site have built in randomization algorithms. This ensures your account is not flagged for personal supervision by any of the mods. None of the users of our programs have had their account banned.

We are a bunch of bored and lazy programmers who were frustrated about carrying various tasks while playing travian.  It has taken us hundreds of hours of programming to release these bots. The code is constantly updated to account for various compatibility issues with the operating system and the game play. We also receive a ton of requests and suggestions for additional features to be integrated with the bot. Runescape is our other favorite game. We also make bots for runescape. Hence, time is of the essence. We try to comply as much as possible in the limited time available.

There are other publishers too who provide such bots. But I would strongly advice downloading your travian bot from a trusted website. Many of these programs are coded specially to steal your passwords. It should be noted that no authentic bot will ever ask for your login details. Other bots are usually attached with adware, malware and viruses. This makes your computer slow and puts your privacy at risk. Other functioning scripts are paid and expensive. Not everyone can afford a paid bot. The ones available on this site are totally free and clean. We believe in open source culture and are strong believers that programs should be free for everyone.

But it has come to our attention that people are repackaging our code and selling it for big prices. Hence, to prevent such illicit trade and sabotage we’ve implemented a site wide anti leeching algorithms. It keeps the leechers and travian mods at bay. So please don’t panic if you are flagged as one. Just complete what you are asked to do. None of the information you enter there will be shared with anyone.

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